Top 10 Tips For Welcoming Home Your Newly-Adopted Dog

It will be exciting to bring a newly adopted dog to your home.  Indeed it is something like bringing a new family member.  Welcoming the dog can be done with much love and care.  Use the following tips for welcoming your newly adopted dog:

Welcome him as a whole family.  Make the entire family available during his arrival.

Give him a comfortable space.  If he arrives during winter get him a cozy comfortable bed space.  If he arrives during summer, ensure he stays in a cool breezy place.  Make sure his place is free from pests and garbage.  A hygienic place will help in maintaining healthy skin for the dog.

Provide him things to play like colorful softballs.  Avoid toys with sharp edges.

Make sure three or four alternative food is available.  Feed regularly the food that suits him.

Keep in hand a few medicines ready.

Take him for a short walk/outing.  You can use dog jogging strollers which are safe and easy.  Also, this makes the dog to have an interesting view.

Do not be hard and fast on the first day.  Train him slowly.

Avoid panic creation like bursting crackers for welcoming.  Any hazardous inflammable material should be avoided for the welcome ceremony.

Your place is new to the dog.  Certainly, there will be behavioral issues.  It is ok.  Adjust till he settles without fear.

Ensure he has a view/access to the garden.  He should not feel bored.  A free roaming space will make the dog feel at home.  This will help in making him settle comfortably and easily.

Avoid strangers till he settles.  Too much of new faces will bother the dog.  Once he is comfortable with the family members, you can slowly introduce visitors.

All the best.  Use the above tips and enjoy life with your favorite pet.