Tips To Choose The Right Car Seat For Your Baby

When you are shopping for a car seat the first preference should always go the safety features that the seat possesses. If you have to transport your newborn from hospital to home you cannot do without an infant car seat. Here are some suggestions for choosing the safest car seat for your kid.

Newborns can be put in two types of car seats, one is rear facing car seat and the other one is convertible car seat that can be turned to forward facing later. A convertible car seat can save you money as it can be used as rear facing, forward facing and also as booster seat. The seat travels along with your child till his toddlerhood and reliable in terms of safety. The only drawback of using a convertible seat is that it cannot be carried easily like an infant car seat. Parents find shifting infant car seats easy than any other car seats. Have a look at Easy moms guide that has sufficient information on choosing infant car seats.

Parents wanting to cut cost while buying an infant seat can opt for a travel system that is offered at a discounted price. A travel system typically includes an infant car seat and a stroller that pairs with the car seat. You will have to look for this option in stroller aisle no in the car seat aisle. All cars seats sold in the market are tested against safety standards. Therefore it is recommended that you go for a new car seat and not a second hand seat.

Irrespective of the brand and type you buy, always look for features like 5-point harness, side impact protection and LATCH installation system. The premium car seats are priced higher but come with additional features like anti-rebound bar at the base, plush fabric, larger canopy and accessories like little boot around baby’s feet. Finally, check if the straps are easy to adjust and require no rethreading.