The Ultimate Guide: How to Organise Your Wardrobe and Edit Your Clothes

It does not matter how many clothes you own if you cannot find the appropriate ones when you really need them in a jiffy. This will be possible only when you have a well-organized closet and wardrobe. It is not a complicated job and can be done over a few hours on a workday or during a weekend.

  1. First thing is to sort out the clothes. Things that do not fit you anymore, are damaged beyond repair or completely faded then discard these clothes. What is the point of stuffing your closet with useless clothes?
  2. Now the ones that you are left with can be sorted and divided on the basis of color, how often these are used and some other specific method, like frequency or seasonality that you want.
  3. Organize hanging clothes on a single type of hanger to make the rows neater.
  4. Organize the clothes according to the colors or shades.
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  6. You can have multiple rows of hangers for different types of clothes, skirts, pants, and blouses etc.
  7. Keep the foldable clothes neatly stacked inside the closet. You can also buy a canvas shelf bag to keep this stuff if there are no shelves in the closet.
  8. Use storage bins ingeniously for all the other stuff that does not have to be stuffed into the closet with clothes. These occupy space and spoil the folds of the clothes.
  9. Keep the accessories separately or with the clothes if the space permits.

Keep what you are going to wear and use in the coming week and month and the rest can be packed and kept in the storage. This will provide a pleasant tidy look to the clothes and you will be able to get ready in minutes and devote more time to other important chores.