The Best Ways to Boost Your Home Wifi

Everyone faces the problem of slow connection of wifi at home some point or other and it can be quite frustrating when you have some work to finish online or if you are downloading something important. A good internet service provider would have many Abonnenten so the first step you need to take it to apply for a good service provider.

Below mentioned are few tips one could follow to get a better connection at home.

Choose the best place to keep the router– Not every place is suitable for the router. To begin with, you need to avoid those places where the router would be kept close to the metal appliances and objects which emit electromagnetic waves.  In order to cover the entire area with the even signal, you need to place the router in the center.  Also, you could boost wireless signal slightly if you keep it above floor level.

Buy wifi extender or booster– These boosters take in the signal, transmits it again after it amplifies.  It helps in extending the wifi signal to a larger area.

Keep the router updated- The malware attacks on the routers are growing in large scale and to keep a check on this would be to update the router regularly. If the malware infects the router it would steal the bandwidth and also can spread to other devices.  Also, the routers will perform worse if it’s not properly updated.

Get stronger antenna- Usually, all the routers come with weak, small antennas. If you don’t mind keeping a big size antenna at your house, then it’s the best ways to boost the connection quality at home. You can easily buy these antennas from online sites.

Keep a strong password- You should always protect your wifi connection using a strong password so that your neighbors won’t be using it.  They might not be even aware that they are using yours if your wifi is open to all.