Creating Healthy Home Environments for Kids: Top 10 Tips

Creating a healthy environment for raising healthy kids is every parent’s goal. It is not that difficult after all, provided you have the best tools to help you with it.

  1. Baby proofing the house is your first step towards ensuring the safety of the kids. There are several safety measures to take based on the age of the kids at home.
  2. Limit the screen time to avoid screen addiction right from a very young age. Practicing what you teach your kids would be the best way to motivate them to follow it.
  3. Practice gardening. It can be a healthy habit for the adults at home. And for the kids, taking care of their own plants, watering them can all be tasks that instill a sense of responsibility and empathy in them.
  4. Practice empathy with children. Acknowledge every little emotion. Instead of telling them not to cry or not to get angry, talk with them and ask them what is really bothering them.
  5. It is alright to say ‘no’ to your kids. Healthy restrictions in different areas would also teach kids assertiveness and also teach them to say ‘no’ when required.
  6. Limit the use of chemical cleaners at home. Whip up a homemade cleaner which can keep the house spotless while also remain safe to be used around the kids.
  7. Create a play zone for the kids. If there is no space for a large nursery, a dedicated small play area would still be a good idea. Fill this space with the best toys that the child might like. Visit for more ideas.
  8. Install smoke and pollutant detectors at home. So you would get a warning when there are harmful gases or pollutants in the indoor air.
  9. Invest in a good quality air purifier.
  10. Have strong pest control strategies.