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At the office that I work in, we have a super cool café themed reception area and a cool fireplace room which is earmarked as a no-tech zone and I can vouch for the fact that after mind-numbing coding and programming in my cubicle I so look forward to feeling the bliss of being disconnected. This very feeling made me rethink what if I had similar chill zones in my home where I could earmark places in my home itself? I could then decide what the rules for that particular zone in the home are and I could have so much fun experimenting with new things and also pushing my boundaries and learning newer things!!

With this end in mind, I decided to set aside one full room for gaming!

No, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean virtual gaming at all!

I do a lot of coding and playing on devices at my workplace and I have decided to never bring work home even if it means playing on my devices.

Instead, what I have made for myself is huge vinyl gaming sheets of classic board games like snakes and ladders, Ludo and Chinese checkers and more than like them.

I love to play alone by throwing the huge cushion dices I picked up from Ikea or have friends over for an actual game. Do you know what they are no pawns, we are the pawns! It is a great time because a lot of jumping makes more a lot of fun together and helps become fit too!

Another place in my home is for my coveted gym equipment’s:

I don’t have too many just now but I am on an acquiring spree. I love to train myself at home and in an environment where their is no one to judge me. I have a trainer come in every week to judge my competency and to work out a plan for me. I am self-motivated and so it works out for me!

If you are looking to be able to set up chill zones at your place, check out this site for fun ideas, you will definitely get back to thank me!…

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