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Being a stay at home mom (SAHM) is never an easy task. Ask around and people are bound to tell you how lucky you are to stay at home and see your children grow and also have time for yourself. What they don’t realize is you don’t get a proper break or even time to use the toilet as and when you please. In such a scenario, getting some exercise into your busy schedule is almost a joke!

However, being a SAHM, nothing is impossible for you and one can always multitask and find a way to fit in some realistic exercise routines to keep themselves fit and healthy. A quick visit to will show you how you can use supplements and protein powders like regular gym goers to enhance your health and body’s performance.

In the meanwhile, here are some 10 realistic tips to help you get that much-needed workout:

  1. Spend some time on weekends to scout online and find exercises you can do when you workout during the week
  2. Set a timer every time you get down to exercise. Keep track of how many minutes you are working out and increase it gradually
  3. Spread your workout over the day instead of doing it in one length of time
  4. Add workouts that imitate your household chores. Like sweeping, mopping, cleaning cobwebs, etc. this will be a good exercise and house gets cleaned at the same time
  5. Do something with your child. If you have a young child, incorporate some exercise that will be like playtime for your child, like throwing a ball, lifting the child instead of weights, etc
  6. Have a stepper in the kitchen. Use it when you stand near the stove waiting for the food to cook
  7. Use a skipping rope as and when possible. You can entertain your small child with it too
  8. Make multiple trips for everything around the house. Be it cleaning a room, the table or carrying laundry from the bedroom. The more the number of trips, the more you walk and more cardio
  9. Get some exercise done as you watch your favorite show on TV
  10. If feeding your child takes a long time, use the time she takes to chew, to run around or do some quick exercise on the side rather than wait impatiently.