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‘Home is where the heart is’ is a very old saying. We keep quoting this quite often in a lot of different contexts. To everyone, the true definition of ‘home’ itself can be different. Some love a small cozy home but some love to own something huge and spacious enough where there is enough room for everyone and everything. The size of the home and the location of the home doesn’t really matter as long as it is filled with love.

Home is the place where there is love!

Any place can instantly feel like home if you are surrounded by your loved ones. After all, the warmth that you share and the lovely time you spend with your family would be the times that define your life. Your heart goes for your loved ones and this is why they say home is where the heart is or home is where your loved ones are.

Small or big doesn’t really matter as long as you can officially call it yours!

Some love living in a huge mansion. Some love tiny homes. There are some who own a yacht or even a superyacht and they might love spending time on it. is a great place for yacht lovers. It doesn’t really matter where you live or how big a house you own. But when it is your own, you would definitely feel content. This is why buying a house is sure to be a major financial goal for almost everyone. And this house that you buy could be bought as a resale property or built from scratch, but it would still be the place where you spend a majority of your time and this would be the place where memories are made. So your heart definitely has a special corner for that house which you call your own and so we say home is where the heart is.…

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