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Swimming is an important survival skill to learn. Some kids love the water but some might be afraid to learn swimming. Every type of kid can be taught how to swim when you use some fun activities and games that would get them involved.

Toss around some ping pong balls

Ping pong balls are cheap and they are easy to find. Buy a few ping pong balls and toss them around the pool. Create a race where the first one to swim around the pool and gather the maximum number of ping pong balls wins.

Create a small slide

Even the kids who are scared to wet their feet might be ready to try a slide. Creating a safe water slide can be a great way to encourage kids to get into the water.

Breath control games

Pretend like you are talking to the fishes and ask them to blow bubbles in the water. This is a great game to help kids to practice breathing control. Demonstrate the process so as to encourage the kids to try them more confidently.

Walk backward

Walking backward and then slowly increasing the speed can be a great way to teach the kid the front float position. This would also motivate them to try reaching the horizontal position while swimming.

Ensure safety

Invest in the safety gear for your kids. Teach them how they work and how they would keep them safe. Your assurance is what keeps them feeling positive and motivate them to bravely try independently.

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