8 Practical Ideas for Self-Sustaining Homes You Can Actually Do

What is a self-sustaining home? The self-sustaining homes are those that have very few requirements.

Recycled products

The house that you build should be built with recycled products. Check CC. This means that the home is built using renewable products.

Use the waste

Use the waste and reuse them in your home. It lets you make a greener house.


Make a small home

The small homes are more self-sufficient. The small homes are much easier to make and also resell-sufficient. The larger is the house the more you need to heat and cool it. This adds to the expense.

Produce energy

The self-sufficient homes should be able to produce energy. You can install solar powers and wind power to save on electricity.

Conserve water

The self-sustained homes should have its own water source. You could recycle the water or also have a place to collect the rainwater. You can collect the rainwater and use it for your daily chores.


Managing waste

If your home is self-sustained then you should know what to do be done with the waste. Make sure that you use a septic system in the toiler and also consider how you would be composing the waste.

Own food

A self-sustained house should be designed in such a way that you can have a garden to grow your food in it.

Provide heat

The self-sustained house should be able to produce its own heat. You could use the traditional heating or some air systems that use power from solar or wind to heat the house.


There are pros and cons of having a self-sustained home. The self-sustained home lets you be prepared in case of any disaster. The only con is that the upfront cost could be high. However, with proper planning and saving, you can build a self-sustained home.